Dr. David Latch Graduated from San Francisco’s University High School in 1986. From there he went on to the University of California at Santa Barbara where he graduated from in 1991. Dr. Latch has received a BA in Biological Sciences.

Here are some facts and info about Dr. Latch:

  • Served as a representative on the Student Council at Life Chiropractic College west from 1996 through 1997.
  • Graduated magna cum laude from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo California in 1997. He received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.
  • Organized a yearly event called Kids Day America, a national Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Day for children.
  • Has appeared on Bay TV, KMTP TV Channel 32 and the KCBS 740 radio station discussing health issues, educating and informing the community.
  • Member of the California Chiropractic Association.
  • Gives Lectures on Health and Spinal Care Classes at his office and out in the community, increasing awareness on health related topics.
  • Lives in San Francisco with his wife, Rachel and his 2 daughters, Christy and Brooke