Medical Liens

Most chiropractors will work with an attorney, so patients can get the treatment they need as soon as possible for their auto accident injury. Chiropractors understand how the pain and stiffness after an auto accident can hold people back from enjoying their lives. In fact, auto accidents are the most common cause of neck and back injuries. After an auto accident, stress can build when having to deal with attorneys, insurance companies, repair shops, and even rental car companies. The last thing a person wants to deal with is having to pay for the medical treatment from an auto accident that wasn’t their fault. Chiropractic care that specializes in auto accident injuries includes back pain, neck pain, and other conditions that may result from an auto accident.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, find the treatment you need from our network of chiropractors, and you don’t have to worry about communicating the expenses with your attorney. Most of the chiropractors in our network are more than willing to work with your attorney on medical liens. Click here to find a chiropractor near you.

Fortunately, when an auto accident is not a person’s fault, there are steps to take to have the treatment covered by the responsible party or their insurance. The initial step is to file a personal injury claim with an attorney, which may result in a medical lien against the responsible party. According to the American Bar Association, “you have a negligence claim in a ‘fault’ state if you are injured by a driver who failed to exercise reasonable care because drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care anytime they are on the road” (, 2016).

In most cases, an attorney will facilitate the medical lien and work with the insurance company of the responsible party to negotiate the amount covered. Essentially, a medical lien enables the injured person of the auto accident to have their medical care paid for by the other person’s auto insurance. Also, medical liens allow the injured person to seek immediate medical attention without having to wait months to receive their benefits.

What injuries are covered under a Medical Lien?

Any auto accident injury that is caused by a third party, which requires medical care and treatment, is considered under a medical lien. Many different types of auto accident injuries may be covered by a medical lien including injuries that resulted from car accidents and motorcycle accidents. Here is a list of some injuries that may occur during an auto accident and that may also be covered by a medical lien:

  • Whiplash
  • Muscle and ligament damage in back and neck
  • Herniated/Bulging discs
  • Back sprain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches and migraines

If you have been involved in an auto accident and have been injured as a result, the most important step to take (after filing a claim with your insurance company) is to seek medical attention for your injuries. Next, you will want to speak with an attorney to secure your claim and begin the process for filing a lien against the other party. Many of the chiropractors in our network have worked with many attorneys to provide the necessary information and documentation to have treatment covered so that our patients can continue receiving the care they need. Click here to find a chiropractor near you.