“I suffered an accident in my house and I injured my knees. A friend recommended Dr. Olson to me and I decided to see what she could do for me. I came with crutches into her office and I could not walk as I was very weak. Dr. Olson took x-rays of my knees and she knew right away with was wrong with me. Thanks to Dr. Olson I was able to walk without crutches within 15 days! I give thanks to Dr. Olson and God that I was able to heal so fast. Dr. Olson is a zealous doctor and I recommend her to everyone. I am full of appreciation to Dr. Olson. Thank you so much! May God continue to give you daily strength and many blessings so that you can continue to help other people!”


“Throughout the years, Dr. Olson has “fixed” me and I am very thankful to her as she has even been available to help me on the weekend when I was in horrid pain from my car accident. She is very dedicated and focused when it comes to Chiropractic care and that is why I trust her.”


“Dr. Chow is a teacher as well as a Chiropractor. He told me what he was doing and why. He made sure I knew what exercises and stretches to do to keep improving my own health. I felt empowered to be a participant as well as a patient. He has a warm and caring “bedside” manner and entertaining stories about Hawaii as well! I highly recommend him.”

Nyla B.

“My friend convinced me to try a chiropractor again, so I researched on Yelp, and found Dr. Dees. I had my initial appointment with xrays, which showed some issues and Dr. Dees came up with a treatment plan. Long story short, two or so months later, I am not only pain free, but I feel better than I ever have. I was so impressed with the change that I brought my youngest daughter to him for some adjustments she needed. I would not trust her with just anyone, but I feel more than confident with Dr. Dees’ skills and his wonderful staff even watch my daughter while I get adjusted.”


“Dr Dees is not just a chiropractor. he is a true healer. you may not understand what i say unless you suffer many years from back pain and he relieves you from it. He did not just adjust me , he healed me and I stopped using pain killers after the second visit.”


“There are not enough good things I can say about Dr. Khoury. The whole group of folks that work here are so kind. The Doctors are like family. I find myself thinking how I have gone so many years without all of the help. I think so highly of this group that I have spread the word to my whole unit at Camp Parks. Between the comfort, price, and knowledge there is not a better practice ANYWHERE. Love you guys!!”

Mitch K.

“I am a patient of Dr. Khoury. When I started, I was a little nervous and I was always having difficulties at working being that I am a landscaper. It was getting difficulty with my lowback to carry out my daily task and even more difficult just spending time at home and being able to play with the family the way I wanted to. It has been very wonderful ever since my first adjustment. I’ve been progressively getting better and they showed me my x-rays and it showed that I had degenerative disc problems and they have being taking care of it. Ever since then, no pain and I would like to say thank you to Dr. Khoury for helping me out.”

Jeffrey O.

“I’m not writing this review as a patient myself. I’m writing it on behalf of my grandmother who started seeing Dr. Daniel Latch in May after a car accident. I’m very impressed by his work. I now no longer believe that all chiropractors are scary and just crack your back. I might even take advantage of the certificate that my grandmother got last week and try him out myself sometime. FYI…in case anyone didn’t know his practice is supposed to be one of the best chiropractic practices in the city, if not the best. I think it was voted so in SF Weekly if I remember correctly.”

Leanne M.

“I have been seeing Dr. David Latch for about 3 years now, wow time flies. I was in a car accident about 7 years ago, I was rear-ended and the “case” never was taken care of – had a bad attorney, the guy got away….that’s the short part 🙂 I was going to Kaiser @ the time & going to the physical therapy, which was NOT helping @ all and they gave me Vicodin & told me to take 9 Advil a day, and they couldn’t tell me exactly what was wrong with me. I was getting no where and did not know where to turn. My mom actually told me about this place…and begged me to go because I went for a LONG time in a LOT of pain. I could not sit or stand for more than 15 mins at a time (Keep in mind I am STILL in my 20’s) I couldnt walk very long distances, my back would go out, I had shooting pains up and down my legs & I never got any good sleep – I would get out of the bed with horrible back pain – some days I just stayed in bed it was so bad. When I first went to the Chiro’s office I was going 4x a week – ALOT but there was a lot to fix. NOW I go once, every 3 weeks. What an improvement! I sleep like a baby and DO NOT wake up with back pain…plus I can sit at my desk job with no problem, I can walk long distances & I’m doing pretty good. Of course I still have a back problem, so there are times when I am in pain but they are few and far between. I highly recommend this place – if you have back pain you should really give them a try!”

Kimberly M.

“Unfortunately, I’ve been in two pretty bad car accidents. Fortunately, though, I’ve received treatment from Dr. Daniel Latch both times. After these few years I have come to learn a few important things about Dr. Dan-1) He truly cares for his patients. I’ve yet seen him turn someone away for not having Med Pay or health insurance. He’s extremely accommodating for those who want treatment but not the funds for it. 2) He actually listens to his patients! He gives great feedback and provides extensive at-home exercises and activities that can help relieve pain, even after concluding treatment with him. And 3) He knows what he’s doing! Some people don’t “believe” in chiropractic treatment bu with Dr. Dan’s experience and skill, it’s hard not to!”

Yishra L.

“I came to you on the recommendation of my therapist for a problem. I never would have thought of going to a chiropractor for, excessive flatulence. But it was becoming so embarrassing I was willing to try anything. Thank you so much for the great improvement in that department. Along the way, my back and neck hurt less and my posture has improved. I have more energy and am walking more for longer distances. I really appreciate that not only did I get improvement with my original problem, but also got all these great benefits for my overall health. Thank you Dr. Oyharcabal!”

Rosa Lea R.

“I’ve been going to Dr. Carr’s office for over 4 months now and he is GREAT! I went in for neck and lower back pain with some leg tingling too. As of right now, my symptoms have slowly diminish and now feel great. The office staff is very supportive and welcoming. Every time I walk into the office they immediately greet me with a smile.”

Mari I.