“Dr. Carr has been taking excellent care of me since 1998. His skill and care helped me overcome chronic sport related injuries that were not well managed with Western Medicine. He is always available and easy to contact. Dr. Carr as well as the entire office is warm and welcoming with an amazing positive outlook. Over the years he has also taken care of my husband and two children, often at the spur of the moment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and have yet to find a way to properly thank him for all the care he has shown us through the years.”

Rachel F.

“I started going to Dr. Jennings for lower back pain after an auto accident. I was referred by a friend from the gym. I have been to other chiropractors and they helped but I didn’t think what they did was that special. When Dr. Jennings worked on me I realized that there is a lot more to chiropractic than what I had experienced through other chiropractors. Dr. Jennings helped me with my lower back and other problems that I was just living with. He is very excellent.”

Jeff S.

“After an auto accident, I suffered from with low back pain, neck pain, and headaches and unable to perform simple daily tasks. After seeing Dr. Newton, I felt much more relieved. It is amazing to be able to function like a normal human being again!”

Tom M.

“Thank You for helping me get my life back to what it was before my accident. I am both father and mother to my four children and for this reason I have to work seven days a week to provide for them. When the accident happen everything changed, I lost my car, my two jobs, but worst of all my body was left in a lot of pain and discomfort. Any minor movements caused me a lot pain, I could hardly sleep. It hurt my head just to hear any noise and I would lose my vision sometimes. All this was making me very sad and depressed because I was incapable of doing most of daily tasks. My kids had to help me, but I was lucky that by the grace of God I came across Dr. Klein. I would like to thank Dr. Klein so much for letting me have my normal life back. I can now work again, I can walk, run, noise doesn’t bother me anymore, and I can attend my children. May God bless him for having helped me so much with my back and neck. Thank you to all the staff because they are always so nice, attentive, and caring. I felt like family when I was there. Thank you very much Dr. Klein.”

P. Lopez

“Been going to Dr. Carr over for a year now and getting long term care has really really really helped my lower back pain. ( degenerative disk disease ) Before going to Dr. Carr I had just seen a chiro when the pain got unbearable but with my condition that is not the way to go. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. Always fit me in if I need to move around appointments and also the appointments aren’t dragged out. You go in and get adjusted and go about your day. Love it here!”

Rena L.

“I was rear-ended while sitting at a red light… the pain in my neck became quite unbearable. San Francisco Auto Accident Injury was able to get me in right away. Dr. Henry skillfully diagnosed my problem and helped me that very same day. I like the fact that they are about treating the problem and not about drugging me up like other doctors. I appreciate that they have a great team of chiropractors and massage therapists that gave me the best care possible. I highly recommend them.”

Stan T.

“Amazing chiropractor…. was treated by him [Dr. Jennings] about eight years ago. He was very nice and very friendly very caring type of doctor. I was seen by him after a car accident and even though my insurance company stopped covering the fees, he still continued to see me a few times, no charge, which I greatly appreciate.”

Stacey B.