Dr Gary Newton and his associate have been providing the best of high quality care; in his San Jose office for over, 23 years. We want you to be as knowledgeable about your injury as possible. We want to get to know your medical history, from X-Rays, physical examination, or diagnostic imaging (MRI) if needed to determine what treatment is best. Over the years, we have successfully treated thousands of Auto Accidents, Work injury victims, Sports Injuries and Chronic problems.

Seeing a chiropractor is a great alternative to medicine. Learning if your spine is misaligned can determine what imbalances your body has. These misalignments affect your nervous system, and are known as ‘vertebral subluxations.’ This is often the cause of back pain, carpal tunnel, allergies, and even headaches. Our objective is to relieve pain and restore your body to proper functionality. We want your experience to be 100 % positive, from the first day you call us, to your last day of treatment.